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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Nov 8, 2009

Welcome to Tales by Tom -

This collection is a group of 24 stories under the title of Nobody Likes a Proofreader and Other Lessons I Have Learned During and After a Life in Retail.

This epsode includes stories # 19 and 20.

Story 19: I’d have liked a Mulligan, but you only get those in golf.
I’ve played that maddening game since I was 13. Mulligans are a fact of life in a more relaxed game with friends. One on the first tee; one more wherever.

Once upon a time in my youth, I shanked a shot, and I’ve had that memory ever since. I was 16. That was a long time ago. But it seems like yesterday. Wish I could get that Saturday back. his is a story of that shank and what I have done since so that it doesn’t happen to any of my children.

Story 20: He named her Rascal
Rascal is the name my seven-year-old son gave our new dog, a female Basset. His dog. Well, as we all know, in short order the care of the pup falls to a parent – in this case it was me, his father. I was fine with that. Wherever we walked, people stopped to chat. I loved it. Rascal was NOT good to jog with, but we worked around that. Rascal aged, of course, and in the end it was my being with her in her last moments that will keep her in my heart forever.

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over eleven years ago

I liked your stories very much, but I felt very sad because I did not understand why you had to put Rascal to sleep. Just because she was at the end of her \"lifespan\" isn\'t a reason to take her life. She sat proudly on the seat seeming to be healthy to me. Maybe I missed something. I feel sad for Rascal.

tom cagley
over eleven years ago

Because all her bodily functions were failing... because she couldn\'t walk. I didn\'t put that in the story.

John Manion
over eleven years ago

HI Tom... you had provided me with a sneak preview of this pair of stories before, but I respectfully listened once more. I know I should have need for a mulligan, but I\'ll be darned if I\'m wise enough to know what I\'d do with the \"free\" shot. And the loss of the pet, dog; I just remembered how hard it was to listen the first time, and even more difficult this time. I wish Blarney could still be with me... john