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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Sep 20, 2015

Welcome to Tales By Tom.  Today we conclude the series titled "Quesitons to Ask and Answer."  In this series my father challenges the listeners to contemplate a wide range of questions generated from experience and observation.  Each question is a uniuqe glimpse into a life in our times.  Next week we begin the series  "Places Near the Rainbow's End."

Today we have two stories

Writing about my father's early life. I have written much on him but in 2012, I began a new novel, telling a story about his part-time job while attending Minneapolis Business college. He was a teenager, who'd grown up on a farm in Wisconsin. This is who he was from 1908 until the Crash ... a much different man than I came to know. I am happy for the perspective.

He was busted---in a nice way. Yes? It was all about a trip to New Orleans and a secret my son Nick was trying to keep from his wife Jen. He never knew what she already knew---but she was happy anyway.

Have you purchased a copy of the book my father, Tom Cagley Sr published?  The  book is titled, I Was Your Son: A Troubled Journey.  The book is a view into Tom Cagley Sr's soul.  When asked why should anyone read this book ?  He answered, "Because the end effect is restorative and invigorating and because everyone who’s ever had a father like this wants to believe there is a happy way out." 


A recent review stated it even more powerfully, "I love this book; it is a very telling, touching story of one man's troubled past with his father who obviously had problems of his own. He had no love for his son in his being beyond childhood. I feel so very much for Tom; he was disconnected from his Dad for no good reason; never able to see or talk to him again---not his problem, but scared him none the less.

This story is a lesson in how not to act as a father. His father did not apply the story of the prodigal son in the bible; that is the kind of love we should have for our children. I pray that in telling his story, this book will be help Tom heal and go forward and help those who read it never to make the same mistake, as his father."Buy  "Was Your Son: A Troubled Journey" on Amazon

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