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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Tales By Tom - Even the Day of My Wedding Part 3

Mar 15, 2009

Tales By Tom, the podcast on Thomas M. Cagley Sr.’s fiction continues with the chapter three of the novella  “Even the Day of My Wedding.”  

The story so far:  Morris Lasker met Robert Karrigan at a dinner party in Paris. Morris decided, for the first time, to tell this complete stranger the story of his Holocaust experiences. A month later in Morris’ New York bachelor apartment Robert hears that in the aftermath of the Nazi imprisonment Morris fell in love with a girl he’d met in the DP camp. They’d planned to be married once both arrived in America, but it didn’t happen. Robert decides to try to find this now, 55-year-old woman with 40-year-old information, against his young wife’s best judgment and without Morris’ knowledge. Now on with the story.

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