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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Feb 15, 2009

Tales By Tom, the podcast on Thomas M. Cagley Sr.’s fiction begins with the first two chapters of my novella Even the Day of My Wedding.  A synopsis of the story is as follows: Washed ashore at a Displaced Persons camp after the Holocaust by separate rivers of pain, Morris and Dita fell in love, made plans to marry, but decided to wait until both could come to America. She came first under the orphan quota in 1947, he came two years later. For reasons beyond their control, they did not connect in New York City, and each went their separate way. The novella begins with Morris telling his story of his Holocaust experiences to a complete stranger almost 40 years later. When he does, a new light is shed on this old relationship, and the reader finds out, if like an Italian fresco covered in the dust of ages, what’s old can ever be made new again.  

All rights are reserved on the stories I publish here.  Contact me if you’d like ot use or republish anything included in the podcast.

I encourage you to contact me as I read this and other stories by email at or by voicemail at 1 206 339 5456.

See you in two weeks!