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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

May 23, 2010

Welcome to Tales By Tom.

This is the eleventh installment of Tom Cagley Sr's short story collections entitled, “Travel At Your Own Risk.”  

Story 21 … 1951: A southern wind in April This is a poem in two voices. The first one is my father’s as I imagined him in his silence the night my mother died. It is what a sixteen-year-old boy imagined his father must have been thinking about --- why he might not have wanted to come sit on the edge of my bed and talk to me. The second voice is mine. It starts with, “It was a place the boy had needed to see.”

Story 22 …A proofreader at Christmas Proofreaders are real people, too. They have hearts, enjoy laughing, and they enjoy Christmas, too, like everyone else we know. If you know one of these guys who takes his job seriously, here are some great ideas to give him/her at Christmas. Now if you don’t know one single proofreader, I would be happy to share my address with you and I will be sure to send you a thank you note --- by mail. Please, no explosives.

I encourage you to provide feedback on these stories or any of the earlier shorts by email at or by voicemail at 1 206 339 5456. Check out the podcast and on downloadable iTunes at

The music is a song titled "Rhapsody" by Andy Guthrie and was supplied Music Alley from Mevio ( See you in two weeks!

john Manion
almost eleven years ago

#21 interestingly, my greatest loses to death involved people
I knew and admired for all the good reasons... I lost an aunt, that I was close to... the only one in the family who really appreciated her. But it was not a daily loss...
#22 ... I find it hard to relate to the need at Christmas. My professional proof reading experience was such that all my brethren should (as was normally the case) be kept in a cave and not allowed in public until nightfall. The ziplock barf bags was a great idea... I had heard of one lady \"meriting\" the ribbon
with the dangling participle. ha ha
Maybe I can escape my funk before #23.