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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Apr 11, 2010

Welcome to Tales By Tom. This is the eighth installment of Tom Cagley Sr's short shory collections entitled, “Travel At Your Own Risk.”  

Story 15: Weight and Balance.
Cue:Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone is playing in the background…

You are one of four people ---two men, two women, four strangers ----who volunteer to get off an overcrowded flight in a small Midwestern city. The airline puts you all up at a nearby motel, gives each a voucher for dinner and a travel voucher for a future flight with them, boarding passes for the first plane out in the morning to your destination.
You go to dinner together. The conversation is strained at first but after a drink you begin to talk freely. You each tell a story.
No one’s life will ever be the same. Everyone’s will change --- not that night but soon.

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John Manion
ten and a half years ago

Lots of great stories of your adventures... but this is my favorite.
kinda scary what could result... Interesting what did!