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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Jan 29, 2012

Welcome to Tales By Tom. This is the sixth installment of Tom Cagley Sr's short story collections entitled, “Plain and Simple.” 

Story 10. An Inside View of Healthcare, from a proofreader’s perspective: Some of the things I saw and worked on during my last three-year stint at this normally mundane occupation brought me to tears of laughter. Sometimes there weren’t any tears either. But both were a welcome relief to the “plodding” that drives most men crazy.

Story 11. There oughtta be a fine: Here are some fine ideas on how cash-strapped cities can fill their coffers. We have to be creative in the broad sense if we expect the tax burdens to lessen. These fine-able offenses need to be targeted and the world put on notice that the “activity alert”, not just the homeland security flag, is on RED. Let’s go!

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See you in two weeks!