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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Dec 6, 2009

Welcome to Tales by Tom -

This wraps up Nobody Likes A Proofreader.  Let us know which story you liked the best!

This episode includes stories # 23, # 24 and an epilogue.

# 23. I had a voluntary operation that worried me because I didn’t know how I’d be “on the other side.” It worried me because I listened to others who’d had this done. When I woke up in Recovery, I was spouting a bible verse I didn’t know I knew. It was what I’d call an out-of-body experience. There had to be a reason for it. What was it? It took me 20 years to find out.

Snippet: The practice of medicine is just that --- practice, and that was what I worried about. But I should have worried more about the message I received in the process.

# 24. Charlie, the forever cat.
I adopted a cat. Signed papers. Promised to send pictures back to the people who found her. For 12 years, this unusual cat we called Charlie lived among us and ruled the roost. She was part of our family, a four-legged type. Then she got sick. Knowing my Charlie as well as I did, why did I ever think she would say goodbye any other way.

We see you in two week with something new!

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JOHN Manion
over eleven years ago

I VIVIDLY REMEMBER you telling me the Psalm 23 story -- perhaps several times; it obviously had a profound affect on your life... bringing strength and courage in challenging times. Actually, sort of a very nice side benefit from \"getting fixed\". HUH?
12 years of sharing with Charlie had to be another blessing you
have had. I had a similar relationship with Sox, a baby kitten my 8-year old Lisa brought home in Charlotte, NC from a neighbor friend of hers; she conned her father into inviting the kitten into the family, and then watched as Sox (a boy) became very attached to me... absolutely amazing, and we hung our for four years, until one weekend, when I was home along with Sox, he appeared congested and ran a fever. I dashed him to a vet, on Friday night, and was kept for medication and observation.
Sunday eve, the vet called with the sad news: pneumonia cause the end of Sox life. I was really torn to share the information with the rest of the family when they returned on Monday.

tom cagley
over eleven years ago

You were up late!!!
Thanks for the comments... and for O\'HAra. Any comments other than the two you shared?