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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Nov 22, 2009

Welcome to Tales by Tom -

This collection is a group of 24 stories under the title of Nobody Likes a Proofreader and Other Lessons I Have Learned During and After a Life in Retail.

This is the penultimate episode of this series!  In this episode we will listen to stories 21 and 22.   Which of the stories so far has been your favorite?

# 21 A rut is a rut is a rut is a rut

Ruts come into all of our lives. One reason that they infect us all is that they have so many faces. Some look inviting; others look appetizing. They are so clever in their disguises that we don’t see them until ---- well, you get the point. Getting out? That’s the tough part. Recognizing them before they happen is something else.

# 22. Who isn’t afraid of the dark sometimes?

Define dark, President Clinton might say. I say it’s what you don’t know. Whatever your “dark” is, that can be frightening. If you’re preparing for an event and are worried about its outcome, there is not much you can do except YOUR JOB, whatever that may be. You over-prepare and over-prepare, then sit back and watch things happen. Somehow, the Boogie Man usually stays away.

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John Manion
over eleven years ago

The good news: well told; bad news: we had talked about all in the past... goodness I must be more than a day older than you!
Actually, getting out of a rut is mostly the same as escaping the Boogie Man. I can\'t believe we did so many things alike... albeit different. Our father/relationships were similar but different... basically no positive part of our life. Actually, I guess I still have a fear of the dark... it\'s still there. And, I\'m certainly in a rut.