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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Nov 14, 2016

Welcome to Tales By Tom. Today we continue with the series of short stories from the pen of Tom Cagley Sr titled “Memories to Live With”. In this series, Tom explores how events and how we remember those events shape our lives. This series has nine (originally planned for eight) installments beginning with a story that asks us to thinks of the scars we have and concludes with a story titled “The Water’s Edge.” Listen to all eight! Each story asks you to look inside yourself and examine the journey you are on!

Today, we complete the collection titled Memories to Live With, an overview of the story is:

The Water's Edge. What came ashore that summer in New Jersey was remarkable, and I will never know EXACTLY what was in it. But I can guess, can't I?

In two weeks a new collection and more stories!

My father, Tom Cagley Sr published a new book titled, Even the Day of My Wedding: A Love Story Born of the Holocaust . This story is the story, a love story, of Meyer Lasker, a 19-year-old Polish Jew, who survived the horrors of the Holocaust. Meyer looses track of his love when she come to the States. The story tells how they reconnect . . . First love, last chance?

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See you in two weeks!