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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Mar 26, 2017

Today we begin a new series of stories from the pen of Tom Cagley Sr.   The series is titled "Just Talking to People."  In this series Tom Cagley Sr reads eight stories which grow out of conversations with people.  Sometime those people are strangers and sometimes they are inanimate objects personified.  We look forward to your comments and thoughts. 

Today we have two stories which are Talking to Strangers and The Butterfly


Tom Cagley Sr published a new book titled, Even the Day of My Wedding: A Love Story Born of the Holocaust." This story, a love story, is the story of Meyer Lasker, a 19-year-old Polish Jew, who survived the horrors of the Holocaust. Meyer loses track of his love when she comes to the States. The story tells how they reconnect . . . First love, last chance?

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Remember Tom Cagley Sr's previous book, "I Was Your Son: A Troubled Journey" is still available on Amazon. Buy a copy of "I Was Your Son: A Troubled Journey" on Amazon

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