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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

May 24, 2009

Tales By Tom - Even the Day of My Wedding Part 8

Tales By Tom, the podcast on Thomas M. Cagley Sr.’s fiction continues with the eighth and final installment of the novella  “Even the Day of My Wedding.”  The next cast will feature a short story called "The Medal"

The story so far  . . .

Ah, Part 8, the last three chapters of Even the Day of My Wedding. We are sad to see it end. It’s been a long journey ---it Tom Sr 25 years to get the story this far. I hope you have enjoyed it.

But we are ahead of ourselves.

It is May 1985. Robert Karrigan is in Florence at the end of a week of corporate shoe meetings. Dita has gone to Vienna to finally visit the grave of her mother and will stop in Florence on the way home.

Robert and Dita will have one night together and will have dinner alone. What happens after that dinner tells the part of the story you have waited so patiently to hear.

First love, last chance.

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Tom Cagley
eleven and a half years ago

THanks for the comment, Kitty. That means the suspense worked. Truth is stranger than fiction. Did you listedn to all 8 parts?
New two-part short story now out there at same address --- called The Medal. Stroy of a medal I have around my neck>

Be well,

Kitty Sheffield
eleven and a half years ago

I really enjoyed your book. You had me worried for a minute there, but I really like the ending.