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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Jun 7, 2009

Tales By Tom, the podcast on Thomas M. Cagley Sr.’s fiction continues with the first part of a short story called "The Medal"

The introduction:

My plan for after college was to teach. I’d majored in English and minored in Education…. but when it came time for my feet to hit the asphalt, I changed directions and went into department store retailing. With 7 moves over a period of 35 years, I went from an entry level position @ $50/wk to being a general merchandise manager in a store with 24 units --- at a lot more money.

As it turned out for me, I certainly am glad I made the switch way back when.

As a buyer, then divisional merchandise manager, then a general merchandise manager, I traveled a lot --- NYC, L.A., Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami and many more cities in between --- over 300 trips and 34 trips overseas.

Not a travelogue at all, the story that follows is about my first business trip overseas. To Rome. The first part that follows in less than a minute is about #1 a remarkable turn of events, #2, a very first of a kind, and #3, about the pope, NOT TO WORRY --- it has nothing to do with the DaVinci Codes or Angels and Demons.

The second part that you will hear in two weeks is about #1, an even more  remarkable turn of events, #2 a very last of its kind and #3 another sort of father figure.

This is a story called The Medal.

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