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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Mar 9, 2014

Welcome to Tales By Tom. Today we begin a new set of stories.  This set of stories is titled "Take It To Heart." In this series my father will make you cry, laugh, reflect and maybe even provoke you.

This podcast includes the first two stories in the collection.  The two stories are:

This war’s invisible wound. For Philip Brooks it was much more than a bad dream, and in his case it was one he’d never wake up from. Could I have helped? 

Autographs. I’ve collected a few over the years---one I am immensely proud of, but there are still two I don’t have that I’d love to inherit … but would hate to have to pay for.

New Book!  

Recently my father, Tom Cagley Sr published a new book titled, I Was Your Son: A Troubled Journey.  The book is a view into Tom Cagley Sr's soul.  When asked why should anyone read this book ?  He answered, "Because the end effect is restorative and invigorating and because everyone who’s ever had a father like this wants to believe there is a happy way out." 

A recent review stated it even more powerfully, "I have never seen our responsibilities to, and our influences on, our children’s lives so honestly revealed as they are in Tom Cagley’s book about his life with and without his Dad’s proper parenting, love, example, guidance and direction. It took a lot of fortitude and courage to write this soulful outpouring of how our interactions with our children (as they grow and mature) can be a source of strength, security or torment in their adult lives."

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See you in two weeks