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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Feb 27, 2011

Welcome to the twelfth instalment of my short story collection I have titled, "Stories I Tell on Myself."  We have a single story this week that I think you will enjoy!

Story 18 is entitled My Life in the Church --- several of them as it turned out. My journey has taught me many things…what to believe for one thing. Have faith in God, I have always said, but with years has come another realization that above all HE has faith in you. It is a brief story with lots of lingering after thoughts

Story 19 is entitled Oh, the places you’ll go if you think you can. Thanks to Dr Seuss for the title, for sure. The story tells of an interview I had with my two oldest sons before a speech I gave at LSU in 1984. I asked them the same questions 26 years later. Listen to how their answers changed ---or didn’t. then listen to the two books I think every graduating college senior should have in their library.

I encourage you to provide feedback on this story or any of the earlier shorts by email at or by voicemail at 1 206 339 5456.

John Manion
almost ten years ago

Tom.. these two are the most profound and best prepared of all your great presentations. We continue to have taken so many of the same paths, but always evolving into different trails. Your participation at LSU is awesome... Betcha they'd love to have you back more often... john