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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Sep 27, 2009

Welcome to Tales by Tom -

This collection is a group of 24 stories under the title of Nobody Likes a Proofreader and Other Lessons I Have Learned During and After a Life in Retail.

This epsode includes stories # 13 and #14.

Story # 13:  Loose Lips can sink ships. During WWII, there was a nationwide campaign against leaking secrets to people on our shores who would send it overseas to our enemies. Thus, the title. It relates here because in a competitive business, store business or not, it’s a good idea to keep personal matters to yourself. You should never tell co-workers about your lust for the boss’ secretary, nor would you want that boss to know about your career ambitions outside the store. But people do tell, friends who you have confided in, as you will hear, especially if it is in their own selfish interest. Mum’s the word!

Story # 14: I asked her a little question.  Yes, I did. When you hear the question, you’ll know how little it wasn’t. But I didn’t preplan it at all. Yet there it was, in a great setting high in Beverly Hills.
The odds that this can happen in your general work-a-day life are reasonable, BUT the odds of it ever happening and working out as a reality for --- what is it? 31 years --- are higher than high, under these circumstances. Outta sight, even. That’s not to say, if you have the courage, that it couldn’t. Leaps of faith happen every day. Ask and you may receive, but be careful when you do that you’re ready for what can happen.

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John Manion
over eleven years ago

Loose lips... wow, what a blast... never experienced such a thing; but i was sooooo naive, it very well could have led to my demise... a couple of times. I trusted everybody.
Little question... we had talked about this, but didn\'t know how fast (the weekend) the scenario took place. And so now, over 30 years later. What else can I say: CONGRATULATIONS. Your fountain of youth runneth over! And, SEC, too!?!?!