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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Jan 13, 2013

Welcome to Tales By Tom. This is the second installment of Tom Cagley Sr's short story collections entitled, “Long Long Ago and Far Away.”   

Story 3.  In a quiet abbey long, long ago. When I compare then to now, I am amazed at the noise we accept today as routine. Wasn’t like that in 1960 ---or 1990 even.

Story 4.  Just a Wednesday this March in an even-numbered year that began after an awful dream. I had a bad dream and related it to the teacher I work with in pre-K after driving through a crazy enough storm to almost send me back home. Glad I didn’t. There would be three bits of good news later and a legacy would unfold which reminded me of something that happened in 1951.

See you in two weeks!

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See you in two weeks!