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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Oct 21, 2012

Welcome to Tales By Tom. This is the sixth installment of Tom Cagley Sr's short story collections entitled, “Innocents All.”   

Old Friends ---  These are three poems I wrote in my past---one from Paris (The Voyeur), one from Baton Rouge (Reality) and one from NYC and a restaurant called the French Shack. Super place ---gone now, of course.

Things that DIDN’T happen to me when I was away from home --- Unlike the stories in the collection entitled Travel at Your Own Risk, they happened. Here, with these 20, you have to use your judgement. What am I saying? Did they or didn’t they?

I encourage you to provide feedback on these stories or any of the earlier shorts by email at or by voicemail at 1 206 339 5456      .

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The music is a song titled "Rhapsody" by Andy Guthrie and was supplied Music Alley from Mevio (

See you in two weeks!