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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Jul 31, 2011

Welcome to the eighth installment of my short story collection I have titled, "A Man of Letters." The stories in this collection are all in the form of letters or about letters. We have a two stories this week that I think you will enjoy!

Story 10…Tale to shopping experiences, one day apart. 
Box stores, with no real roots in the community, are generally NOT NOTED for service. If I needed any proof of that, I found it without any doubt. One day later, a business which has been here a long while and who specializes in a unique service, went over the top in handling this customer. Like Dickens said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Story 11…Pregnant alone. 
I cannot imagine a more lonely feeling for a young high school girl than giving up your baby, then going back to school after Christmas as though nothing had happened. But some good news came to both the mother and child a few years later.

I encourage you to provide feedback on this story or any of the earlier shorts by email at or by voicemail at 1 206 339 5456.