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Tales by Tom

This podcast showcases the audio stories of Tom Cagley Sr.

Mar 22, 2015

Welcome to Tales By Tom. This is the second installment of Family Affair or Two and Some Dogs. In this series my talks about event in his life that have shaped his life and if you reflect on them the ideas at the core of these event perhaps can influence your life.

This week two stories:

The Unseen Wind: When I heard the wind suddenly come up from the southwest that night in April 1951, I knew something bad had happened. It had, indeed, but from tragedy can come a blessing if you let it.

I write: I hated the thought of it in my younger years, but slowly I found my way. It began with a diary to my three sons (at the time). Because of the short life of that effort,  my writing went on to a diary that started in late 1979 and ended in 2004---25 years in a row and 8,900 pages. Then a short newspaper career, a short bio published about my life with (and without) my father, a longer love story that began after the Holocaust, a still longer story entitled The Medal: A Family Affair, and almost 300 stories I have recorded with my oldest son in Cleveland and podcast every two weeks. I've found in my life that A. What you write down you don't forget and B. You only die when people forget you.

Have you purchased a copy of the book my father, Tom Cagley Sr published?  The  book is titled, I Was Your Son: A Troubled Journey.  The book is a view into Tom Cagley Sr's soul.  When asked why should anyone read this book?  He answered, "Because the end effect is restorative and invigorating and because everyone who’s ever had a father like this wants to believe there is a happy way out." 

A recent review stated it even more powerfully, "I love this book; it is a very telling, touching story of one man's troubled past with his father who obviously had problems of his own. He had no love for his son in his being beyond childhood. I feel so very much for Tom; he was disconnected from his Dad for no good reason; never able to see or talk to him again---not his problem, but scared him none the less.

This story is a lesson in how not to act as a father. His father did not apply the story of the prodigal son in the bible; that is the kind of love we should have for our children. I pray that in telling his story, this book will be help Tom heal and go forward and help those who read it never to make the same mistake, as his father."Buy  "Was Your Son: A Troubled Journey" on Amazon

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See you in two weeks!